Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Late Night

I'm so excited about our Annual Leadership Retreat that I almost can't contain myself! Half the staff is still up here in the office cranking away. Jeremy's making trailers. Dave's making videos. David is working on the online atlas. John's scheming with his new "Collective" guys.

We're actually pretty ahead of the game for this year's retreat. I usually pull a couple of close all-nighters the week of the retreat, but it looks like we'll have most stuff wrapped up COB tomorrow. There's a sick side of me that loves the last-minute pressure, the punch-drunkenness and shared experience of the late night, and the fifth wind adrenaline rush after the 2-hour sleep. But I don't think that sick side will be fueled this year.

Tonight promises to be a late night, though. But I'm excited about it. It's time for Forceful Advance!


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