Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Coaching Essentials

Each semester, I focus on a different topic or study with our zone leader team. Typically, we go through a book together. Last semester, it was Organic Community by Joseph Meyers. We've also done Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders and The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player by John Maxwell.

This semester, I decided to back us up and focus on coaching essentials. Sometimes, I think we get so busy as leaders that we forget or neglect some of the most important things. I began by looking at leadership areas in my own life that needed some shaping up and built the "curriculum" around that. Here's what we are talking about as a team over the spring semester:
  • Setting Goals and Preparing Plans
  • Casting Vision
  • Rallying the Troops (meeting with leaders one-on-one and in zone huddles)
  • Leading Team Leaders
  • Communication
  • Approaching the Semester Change
  • Building Community
  • Troubleshooting
I'm sure there are a bazillion other things we need to cover, and it's very targeted to our specific model at NCC and where we are currently at as a team.

Next semester, I'm planning to lead the troops through Reimagining Evangelism by Rick Richardson.


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