Thursday, February 07, 2008

Radical Hospitality

I'm starting a new leadership lesson series on that I'm really excited about: Radical Hospitality. You can read today's post here.

God's really challenging and reforming my ideas of what hospitality is all about, and I'm learning that forcefully advancing God's Kingdom can begin with a smile and a greeting or a simple walk across a room to shake a hand.

Here's a quote that really struck me from the book Radical Hospitality:
Hospitality has two meanings for most people today . It either refers to hotels and cruise ships, or it is connected to entertaining friends and family in the warmth of candlelight with gleaming silver and ivory lace. One model makes it an industry, thereby assigning some productive use to it and making it profitable. The other model relegates it to the domain of entertainment and housekeeping, generally considered women’s work. Thus, it has become safe and cozy, even productive, rather than revolutionary, risky, and world-rattling.


At 6:33 PM, Blogger Ruth said...

Powerful quote, HZ, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I like the hospitality imagery better than the "forceful advancing" although I think they're both trying to get to the same place. Funny, on my own blog I just put down a random thought about furniture -- which in a sense is a product of my own wondering about the devolution of hospitality in our culture. This quote brings that to a much more powerful place than just opening our homes -- although there's a place for that, isn't there?


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