Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Discouraged Preachers, Eric Liddell, and The Message Translation

This year, I'm trying to focus on improving my preaching/communication. I've felt such a strong burden recently to be a better steward of the gifts God has given me and to be a better steward of the 30 minutes (at services, summits, and retreats) and the people God has entrusted to my care. It's a scary thing but also an exciting thing. So I'm reading lots of books, listening to lots of preachers, and soaking up as much as possible. Especially from folks who might have different communication styles than I do.

I really appreciate the Together For the Gospel guys- Mark Dever, C.J. Mahaney, Ligon Duncan, and Al Mohler. This video clip from the recent T4G08 conference cracked me up! Listen for R.C. Sproul's dig and Mohler's comment about the Message translation. And the rest of the content is really good, too. :)


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