Friday, June 13, 2008

Deliver Us From Me-Ville

I was running out of the office last night to spend some time with my family, when something in the front office mail bag grabbed the attention of the corner of my eye. A return address name of Zimmerman. Was it? Could it be? Already? Yes it was! My very own copy of the new book Deliver us From Me-Ville by my friend Dave Zimmerman. During the day, Dave is a mild-mannered editor for Intervarsity Press. By night, he leaps tall buildings in single bounds, flies at supersonic speed, and saves humanity from the villains (in his dreams...only...I think).

I had the privilege of reading a pre-edited version of the manuscript, and it was awesome. Great commentary on our contemporary individualistic culture and how that compares to the community that God created us to live in.

Go get your copy now. And while you're at it, check out his other book, Comic Book Character.


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