Thursday, January 15, 2009

Small Group Exchange: Beta Launch

I love the guys at Bluefishtv. Today, they relaunched their resource site for small groups, It's packed with training videos from awesome leaders like Mark Batterson and Russ Robinson, leadership articles from great writers like my buddies Steve Corn and Spence Shelton, and loads of small group curriculum resources. And I've got a few articles on there, as well. :)

Check out the articles section.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger JenP said...

Hi -

I found your blog because I read "It" and your church is profiled in the book. I am the Adult Discipleship Leader of a larger church in the midwest but in a small town. Yes, challenges come with that (as with any church ministry) I want you to know your blog has been an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing great resources and your gifts in DC. I am sure it was buzzing there yesterday in an historical way. Blessings on you - if I ever get to DC, I am coming to your coffeehouse.

Jen Parker
Adult Discipleship Team Leader
Third Church
Pella, IA


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