Friday, April 17, 2009

Paul, Proteges, and Twitter

I'm communicating with my Discipleship Protege, Will Johnston, via Twitter. Two disclaimers-- One, Will is a part of the official NCC Protege Program; I don't just randomly assign protege status to people. That would be weird. Two, we actually communicate via Twitter all the time-- can I have a day off?, can you bring some Grater Things props to leadership retreat?, how was jury duty?, etc. Today, it is about lunch plans. So nothing new. But it struck me as funny that he is one floor below and Twitter has become our preferred means of communication.

Paul gave Timothy lots of instructions on how to interact with those he discipled- find faithful men, teach them, hold to sound doctrine, etc. Paul gave his young pastors lots of tips and tricks and advice for how to develop the young pastors in their care. I wonder what advice Paul would have given about utilizing Twitter? Facebook? Blogs? Would Paul have Twittered? Or preferred the personal touch of the handwritten letter or phone call? How would Paul have used social media?

I really wish I knew. Now, let's go get some french fries, Will.


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