Friday, May 29, 2009

The Adventures of Heather and Bekah

This weekend, I am speaking at a leaders training at Summit Lake retreat center near Frederick, Maryland. Thinking it could turn into a nice little getaway of sorts, and considering that both my husband and Ian Kitterman would be studying all weekend, I decided to drive up early and drag Bekah Kitterman with me.

Here are just a few highlights of the trip so far:
  • The evening did not start well, as we drove through ridiculous 5pm rush hour traffic out of DC in the pouring rain and fogging car (no air conditioner in the Zemp-mobile right now)
  • We finally arrived at the Super 8. Upon check-in, the front desk clerk (who Bekah was convinced was Kip Dynamite) asked me, "And how many dogs do you have with you?" Confused, I said tentatively..."none." Promptly remembering that Bekah was with me, I pointed behind me and added, "Well, just her." Evidently, the Super 8 of Thurmont, MD is hosting the Basset Hound Convention. I'm not kidding. The room across the hall from us served as the host location for the Basset Hound Convention Pawty. That's not a typo. Basset Hounds everywhere. Many giggles.
  • Recognizing we were only minutes from one of the holiest sites in all Southern-dom (Gettysburg), we jumped in the car for a quick pilgrimage. I called my mom and sister to let them know about the Basset Hound Convention, when my sister's immediate response was, "Oh Super 8 is very pet friendly." More giggles.
  • Gettysburg. Food. Caffeine. Lots of ghost tours.
  • After a quick spin around the battlefield, we abandoned our exploration of history to pursue our own battle on the mini-golf course. Heather scores a hole in one, Bekah goes in for the high five...full body miss. Complete whiff. Minutes later, Bekah has to leapfrog the romantic couple just ahead of us to make her way back to clubhouse bathroom. "Need to play through?" No. "Need to retrieve a ball?" No. "Need to..." I just need to use the restroom. I tried to keep that on the down-low. (Heather is doubled over laughing)
  • To get back to the route I knew out of Gettysburg, I had to drive back through the battleground illegally. As we drove through, Bekah was concerned about the park rangers, ax-murderers dressed in Civil War costumes, and, of course, the Druids (I have no idea).
I figure there's got to be a sermon illustration somewhere. Anyway, what in the world will tomorrow bring? So much happiness in one day!


At 7:27 AM, Blogger Mark Batterson said...

I can't stop laughing.


At 8:21 AM, Blogger Christina Regule said...

This is hilarious ... the adventures of Heather and Bekah! Your Gettysburg saga (a.k.a. your "battle of southern aggression") ... any sleep with the doggie convention possibly pawtying all night?

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Amy said...

You have no idea how much better this just made my day. ... Thanks for that. I desperately needed something to laugh about.
(and id look for the sermon illustration somewhere around the hounds ...)


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