Monday, June 01, 2009

A Month in Leviticus

It's June 1!! That means warm weather, hot days at the ballpark, water sports, picnics in the park, and Leviticus!! Whoa, huh?

Yeah, I think it's time to dive in again. Not exactly the kind of summer reading most people look forward to, but I think it's healthy to hang out in that odd book for a while. I've found myself in a few conversations recently advocating the importance of reading the book, so I figured I would re-experience it myself.

Why Leviticus? There are a ton of reasons-- one being that it was the first book of the Pentateuch written, which gives it a level of significance, it seems to me. But I think it's primarily important for me to re-visit Leviticus because it reminds me of how thankful I am for Jesus Christ for serving as my ultimate sacrifice and for his role as Great High Priest in my life. And if there is something that makes me more thankful for Jesus, then I need to expose myself to it.


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