Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Book List- Theology

I'm posting book lists from previous year reading focus lists. In 2007, I focused on theology. Here's that list.

Again, I don't necessarily agree with the perspectives of all of these books, but I found them helpful.

Who Needs Theology? (Stanley Grenz and Roger Olson)
Great primer. Everyone is a theologian; the question is, "are you a good theologian?" This book offers tools, resources, and practices for thinking about God rightly. We use this book in Theology 101 at NCC.

Across the Spectrum (Greg Boyd and Paul Eddy)
Similar to the "Four Views" books, this collection offers perspectives on major doctrines from a variety of evangelical viewpoints. We also use this book in Theology 101 at NCC.

Bible Doctrine (Wayne Grudem)
This is an abridged version of Grudem's systematic theology. Intended for non-academic use. Grudem also includes a great list of theological books and resources from other perspectives that is very helpful.

Systematic Theology: A Pentecostal Perspective
(Stanley Horton)
This one has been used quite extensively in the Assemblies of God. If you are looking for a good introduction to Pentecostal theology, this might be a good start.

Renewal Theology
(J Rodman Williams)
Theology from the Charismatic perspective.

Christian Theology: An Introduction (Alister McGrath)
I'm saving the best for last here. Good, good good! I love this one and the approach.

The Christian Theology Reader
(Alister McGrath)
This is actually a new addition to the Zempel library, compliments of my seminarian husband. Companion to Christian Theology. Great stuff. I read it for fun.

Theology for the Community of God
(Stanley Grenz)
This might be my favorite. Community is the integrative motif.

Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
(Walter Elwell)
Great resource.


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