Sunday, February 28, 2010

Growing People

My friend and distance mentor Mac Lake once said "Growing People Grow People." It's a concept I have known and taught, but this summed it up more succinctly and powerfully than anything that has ever escaped from my mouth. Thank you, Mac.

That's become the foundation for our new coaching paradigm at National Community Church. For the first time, we are offering one-on-one coaching (as opposed to huddles), opt-in coaching (you are not required to have a coach if you don't want/need one), and coaching aimed at the leader as opposed to the group (if the leader is growing, the group will follow suit).

Right now, I'm sitting in our new coach's training. What I love about it is that Ryan is creating an environment where the coaches themselves are stretching and growing. It's not just about information, it's about experiences and questions that lead them to new insights and growth. We want to focus on leaders, make sure they are growing, and watch their groups grow as a result.


At 5:40 PM, Blogger Theresa Haskins said...

I started teaching 5th grade Sunday school and I absolutely love it! It REQUIRES that I study the Word and it's amazing that no matter what I read/hear from other pastors, it always fits in the lesson! PS. On a slightly negative note, I remember someone saying "hurting people, hurt people" -that helps me has compassion raher than anger...

At 5:42 PM, Blogger Theresa Haskins said...

I have to correct that last statement (above) that helps me have compassion rather than anger.


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