Monday, January 31, 2011

Build Momentum For It

The event of Leadership Retreat 2011 may have ended on Saturday night at 8pm, but the work God began there is only beginning. Here is the next in the series of posts about Leadership Retreat. Build momentum for it.

We've done this in a few different ways over the years. Planned blog series. Sent cryptic em
ails to slowly unveil the theme. Prepared CDs for participants to listen to prior to the retreat. This year, I just posted lots of pictures on Facebook and Twitter in the weeks before the retreat. They are blurry...but here is just a sampling of the pictures we posted...usually with cryptic captions.

The first picture to be posted was Amanda Giobbi on location filming the Paula Dean spoof video on "Putting Your All (Oil) In."

Hmmm...what could be in that box? Just a few days later, Amanda Giobbi would escape from it while Maegan Stout would disappear into it.

Dancers? Yes, we did a rap/rock/Glee-style rendition of The Gambler. This is a scene from rehearsal.

Our Emcees Amanda Giobbi and Jeremy Sexton are literally blowing off the doors for Leadership Retreat. We had to tear up the office this year to make it happen. The real story: we couldn't get the disappearing box out of the office!!

Unveiling the theme:

Sneak peek at message notes from the opening session, Blood, Sweat, and Spit.

Proteges Josh Stockstill and Heather Corsi stuffing packets late Thursday afternoon...

Our production team hanging lights early on Friday morning. This room will soon be totally transformed.

Jenilee LeFors, Summer Batterson, and Juliet Main setting up the NCC history wall in what will soon become the "Groove Lounge."


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