Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Spiritual Growth Tool

Thanks to Tyler Jagen from Rolling Hills Christian Church for his link to Seacoast's tool for helping people measure spiritual growth.

It's called the Spiritual Health Assessment, and it is built around their 5 discipleship values: Worship God enthusiastically, Connect with the Church family regulary, Grow in maturity consistently, Serve others unselfishly, and Share their faith effectively. These come from Saddleback's five purposes.

At NCC, we build our discipleship efforts around 4 dimensions of discipleship: Seeker (the spiritual dimension), Learner (intellectual dimension), Influencer (relational dimension), and Investor (financial or stewardship dimenation). You can read more here. We have developed a discipleship assessment that is very similar in purpose (but not nearly as cool) as Seacoast's tool. We are in the process of re-engineering that right now, but I will post it when it's done.


At 3:52 PM, Blogger Tyler Jagen said...

Heather - Ya'll's (You're a southerner; is that right or is it ya'lls or yall's) four dimensions is really great. I look back at my own spiritual journey and I can see how I went through a seeker period, then through a predominately learner period (even though I'm still a learner), then through a predominately influencer period (though I still am honing in on these skills), and then come to the point of complete surrender of my life with all I have including my resources. I have found with myself and with a lot of other people that our resources are usually the final frontier of surrendering, mostly our money.

So I see the process, but I also see that we can go back and learn and grow more in these 4 areas, hence the journey and the map that's not circuitous, but more organic. I like that, because sometimes we get someone who is completely new in Christ and becomes an influencer because of his excitement for Christ is bubbling over in their relationships. Do we make them first jump through the hoops before he learns how to tell someone about Christ, or can he go straight to learning about evangelism? I think go straight to home plate and go back to 2nd when you're ready or go to third, etc...

That brings it back to your point that different people learn in different ways and grow in different ways and influence in different ways so you need a process that gives direction, but is fluid enough to let people have freedom on their spiritual journey.

Anyway, I'm rambling out loud to grasp what you are doing. Keep it up! I'm enjoying being stretched and thinking outside the old wineskin.:)

At 4:08 PM, Blogger Tyler Jagen said...

Heather - By the way, PLEASE don't link to our webpage. It's embarrassing and completely out of date. There's definitely no buzz in our website.:)

Did you get any response about curriculum? I've always wanted to catalogue and rate the curriculum that's been used around here, but haven't had the time. Right now it's word of mouth on what's good and what's not worth using.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Heather Z said...

Technically, it is y'all's. :) The map is definitely an experiment. I tend to be more of a linear person. But I don't think that's how I really grow spiritually. I think I started as a learner and then moved to an influencer and then seeker then investor then back to seeker...keep rambling out loud because it helps me!

Hey-- I saw your website! Looked good to me. Are you serious about no links? I removed it. :)

And still looking for good ideas on curriculum. We are trying to put together a curriculum guide here, too. Hopefully I can post that in the next few months.


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