Thursday, March 01, 2007

FAQ: What is

The Zone Gathering launched on March 28, 2005 as the online community for the small group leaders of National Community Church in Washington, D.C.. It is another vehicle of communication between staff, zone and team leaders, and small group leaders.

Through articles, links, postings, and discussion, the Zone Gathering strives be a resource and an environment for the equipping and encouraging of NCC’s leaders. The Zone Gathering is also a way for leaders to stay connected across NCC’s multiple locations, multiple zones, and multiple groups.

Every week, there is a regularly-scheduled program designed for the leaders of NCC.
  • Monday- Weekend Summary (A list of worship songs, announcements, and sermon items from the weekend services)
  • Tuesday- Spotlight (An interview with a member of the NCC Community) or Book Review (An NCC leader reviews a book on a leadership or discipleship topic)
  • Wednesday- Bible Drill (An inductive or devotional study of a book or passage of the Bible)
  • Thursday- Leadership Lesson (An applicable topic designed for leaders)
  • Friday- Scorecard (An opportunity to share what God is doing in your life, in your small group, at NCC, or in the community)
Also, we have our monthly First Friday Podcasts, led by Heather Zempel, NCC’s Pastor of Discipleship, as she interviews NCC’s lead pastor, Mark Batterson, about a leadership topic for NCC leaders.

Why is the website called Zone Gathering? Back when NCC only had three small groups, it was pretty easy for Pastor Mark to oversee the small group ministry. But over the years, as the church grew, it became necessary to put in place a structure to facilitate leadership development and aid the overall management of the dozens of small groups. At NCC, small groups are divided into zones, and this website is designed to be a community that bridges the gap between leaders in each zone in effort to get everyone on the same page.


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