Thursday, June 21, 2007

NCC Undercover

I just typed up my notes for NCC Undercover. It's a special session of the Buzz Conference where NCC staff will talk about how they do what they do and best practices for creating culture and doing ministry. Here are a few of the best practices I plan to talk about:
  1. Ask the tough questions. (Why are you doing groups? What mission or purpose do you hope groups will fulfill in your church? What is your philosophy of community? What is your philosophy of discipleship? How do you expect groups to facilitate and promote community and discipleship within your congregation? What is your culture? Do you expect every church member to be in a group? What role will the lead pastor play? How will the groups grow?)
  2. Harness the creativity, passion, and innovation of the leaders.
  3. Find a rhythm.
  4. Develop a discipleship strategy.
  5. Market your groups internally and externally.
  6. Focus your time on leaders, not groups.
  7. Implement a relational structure.
  8. Ask the tough questions...again
To hear more, register now for NCC Undercover.


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