Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gearing Up for the Fall

Yesterday was our group registration deadline for the Fall semester. I usually wind up cranky on those days because it's like passing appropriations bills in the Senate to try to get our leaders to submit their information. But for some reason, I remained happy this time! In fact, I'm super excited about the groups we'll have in the fall. We'll be offering several core discipleship groups, including Alpha, Journey, Holy Spirit Encounter, The Story, New Testament Survey, and Crown. We've got a new group for women (Twisted Sisters) and men (Dangerous Men, The Masculine Journey) that I'm excited about. Some of our groups are multiplying; some are launching new leaders. It's great.

August was supposed to be a little bit of a breather for me, but now I'm super pumped about thinking about the fall, the Georgetown Launch, and the 2008 Leadership Retreat.


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