Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Psalm 119:2

"Happy are those who obey his decrees and search for him with all their hearts."

Once again, God's word clearly tells us what will bring us happiness, hoy, and blessing. Obedience. We typically see laws and obedience as painful things, yet God says they will bring us joy. We've got to turn our understanding of these things upside down and recognize that God's Word and the statutes it contains are good and are designed to draw us closer to him. We will also find joy when we put all of our passion and energy into knowing him- searching for him with everything we've got. How driven am I to see and know God? It's an adventure, like seeking after hidden treasure. In fact, we see that metaphor in a number of places in the Scriptures. In Job 22:25, we read, "Then the Almighty himself will be your treasure." Psalm 119 includes this picture later in the chapter in verse 111: "Your decrees are my treasure" and in verse 162: "I rejoice in your word like one who finds a great treasure." The prophet Isaiah tells us that the "fear of the Lord will be our treasure." (Isaiah 33:6) In the New Testament, we are told that treasures are found in Christ (Ephesians 3:8, Colossians 2:3)

What am I searching for? Is God the ultimate goal of my heart and my life?


At 10:06 AM, Blogger Elaine said...

I think this is tied to being childlike. Don't we all laugh about how we long to be back in kindergarten: where we get a naptime and a snack? We do long for the security we had as children, the security found in structure, rules, and some adult doing all the heavy lifting for us.
And that's exactly the kind of security God offers us: we are God's children and God is our Father and Mother. God offers us the structure, the rules. We just have to obey.
Shrugging off the need to be the "adult" all the time and letting God be the true "adult" instead is really a big relief.

At 12:47 AM, Blogger pornaddict said...

Great stuff. I really like what Andrew Murray writes along these lines: "God does not ask you to give
the perfect surrender in your strength, or by the power of your will; God is willing to work
it in you. Do we not read: “It is God that worketh in us, both to will and to do of his good pleasure”? And that is what we should seek for — to go on our faces before God, until our hearts learn to believe that the everlasting God Himself will come in to turn out what is wrong, to conquer what is evil, and to work what is well-pleasing in His blessed sight. God Himself will work it in you."

The Confessions of a Porn Addict


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