Thursday, July 12, 2007

Journey Through Psalm 119

For the past year, I've been digging in and out of Psalm 119 quite a bit. Sarah Owen just wrote a great summary of the book over on yesterday. In this Psalm, the writer extols the value of learning, knowing, memorizing, meditating, and acting on the principles of Scripture. I once set a life goal of memorizing Psam 119, but so far, I haven't gotten very far.

On Monday, I will begin to blog through the book of Psalm 119, taking one verse a day to meditate on. My blog posts are not meant to be a commentary on the verses or the chapter. Nor are they designed to be a devotional guide to others. Rather, it will be an online representation of a personal spiritual discipline. Why am I putting it online? First, as a way of accountability. When you see the posts disappear, feel free to pipe in and kick my butt. Secondly, as a way to encourage others to dig into the Scriptures, as well.


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