Friday, June 29, 2007

Heading South

I haven't had a chance to blog notes or reflections from the Buzz Conference, and I don't have time to do it now. But I've got to say that Craig Groeschel's talk today was probably the most convicting message I have ever heard in my entire life. After the session, I went to the prayer chapel to help our prayer team pray for pastors, but I found myself needing to spend some time with God on my own. Get the audio.

Anyway, more on that later...

I'm heading South in just a few hours. My Gran, Edith Berry (known for years as Gran Berry to all of my friends) is turning 90 on July 5. So Ryan and I are heading down to Mobile for a little birthday bash. We are hoping to consume some fried dill pickles, BBQ, and good Southern living while we are down there. I'll be checking out of the blogosphere for a few days.

When I return, I'm sure I will have a special series of posts on Why I Love Alabama.


At 10:52 PM, Blogger Stephen said...


I agree with you and with Mark about Craig's talk today. Awesome. I need to pray about it and then (gulp) I need to operationalize it!

blessings and thanks also for your fine contribution to the conference.


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