Friday, August 03, 2007

Theology 101 Notes

This summer, I have been leading our Learner Island core group Theology 101. It's a basic introduction to our core beliefs and tends towards a systematic theology with some Biblical and historical theology sprinkled in. I've been posting the notes here. Below are the notes from Week 4: Doctrine of Man. Or humanity. Or anthropology. Whatever word you'd rather use.

The group lasts 7 weeks, and we are coming up on our last meeting on Monday. We'll be looking at the doctrine of the end times. Fun, fun!

I've had a blast leading it, and we've got a great group of people assembled. They come from various denominational backgrounds and even different religious backgrounds. It's about half teaching/lecture and half discussion.

Not sure how we'll run this thing next time around. I'm looking forward to spending some time assessing the materials and the group meetings. Not sure if this works better in a smaller discussion format group or a larger lecture type group.


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