Saturday, March 08, 2008

question #3: what is your culture?

When you consider the types of small groups you want to have and the model you want to implement, it's really important to think through the demographics and culture of your church and the people you want to reach. A semester system might work great in a church culture with lots of families with young children or in a church with many students because their lives naturally follow a semester rhythm. In those churches, a semester system would be a catalyst for community. In a different church culture, the semester system might actually hinder or stunt community.

A G-12 model works great in a church where members stay around for several years; it doesn't work as well in a highly transient environment.

A free market model of small groups works well in church cultures that encourage creativity while a neighborhood model works well in cultures that encourage community outreach.

Here are some specific variables to consider:
  • Location- Urban, Suburban, Rural
  • Demographic of Congregation
    • Age
    • Marital Status
    • Singles/Families
  • Transient or permanent
  • Frequent change or stability in vision, programs, etc.


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