Monday, March 03, 2008

More Wiersbe Quotes on Preaching

From Preaching and Teaching With Imagination by Warren Wiersbe:

"Parables start off like pictures, then become mirrors, and then become windows. First, there's sight as we see a slice of life in a picture; then, there's insight as we see ourselves in the mirror; and then there's vision as we look through the window of revelation and see the Lord."

"The Christian church does not need more popular preaching, but more unpopular preaching" (quoting Walter Russell Bowie)

"There is a difference between preaching because you have to say something and preaching because you have something to say."

"A sermon isn't a picture on the wall, hanging there for folks to admire. It isn't even a window in the wall, giving people a glimpse of a beautiful life that's beyond their reach. The sermon is a door that opens onto a path that leads the pilgrim into new steps of growth and service to the glory of God."


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