Monday, May 19, 2008

The New Testament in 138 Minutes

Just finished The Story, Act Two: The New Testament. We started with the cultural and historical world into which Christ was born, followed him from Nazareth to Galilee to Golgotha, experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit, traveled with Paul to visit churches and pastors, and stood in awe of the glory of Christ revealed in Revelation.

The Old Testament covers thousands of years. The New Testament spans only about 100 years. And yet every year I go over my time. I did the OT in 127 minutes but needed 138 minutes for the New Testament. I think the Southern Baptist in me catches on fire when I start talking about Jesus and I just can't shut up. Or maybe it's just that I really don't want The Story to end. Thank God it doesn't. While the canon of Scripture has closed, the story of God is still sweeping across time and space, and we get to play a role. It's so good!

I'm going to miss The Story...looking forward to next May!


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