Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Carrot Reproduction, Cereal Processing, and Pig Poop

All things I look forward to talking about at the Willow Creek GroupLife Conference next week.

I'll be joining a team of amazing people like Cynthia Ware, Frank Chiapperino, Mac Lake, and Mark Howell on Thursday morning for a pre-conference conversation on community and social media.

Then, I'll share the stage with Mark Batterson as we enter into the community lab to experiment with some new ways of experiencing group life and discipleship. We feel like we are a part of the research and development arm of the Kingdom of God, so we'll be sharing some of the experiments that we've tried and some of the discoveries we are making as we seek to engineer an environment Where Community Grows Best.

Then, I'll be leading a breakout session, Everything is an Experiment: Creative Community For Emerging Generations on Friday morning. I'll go a bit more in-depth in discussing the unique environments that young adults live and thrive in and how to engineer environments that facilitate growth in their lives.

So what do carrots, cereal and pigs have to do with anything? :) Come to the conference and find out.

If you're going to be at the conference, give me a yell. I'd love to meet you during lunch on Friday. And if you are from the DC area, check out the pre-conference coffee hosted by good buddy John Hasler.


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