Saturday, November 22, 2008

Counterintuitive Life

I barely woke up this morning, and when I did, I experienced momentary confusion over what day it was, my task for the day, and why I was rising so early. Oh yes. Alpha Weekend Getaway.

I've attended the Alpha Weekend Getaway about 7 times now, I think, to deliver Talk #2- What Does the Holy Spirit Do? As I shamefully dragged on my clothes from last night ( was that bad), I prayed, "Holy Spirit, please do for me all those things I will preach to others about you later today." And that was about the best prayer I could eke out.

Juliet drove while I studied my notes and nearly fell asleep. I was quite sure this would be the most boring and incoherent talk I had ever given in my entire life. As I approached the pulpit, I whispered one last, "Help." And began to preach. All of a sudden, I felt like life had consumed my entire body. That's what happens when the Holy Spirit breathes on you. We begin to experience the counterintuitive life. When I'm at my worst, the Holy Spirit is at his best.


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