Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick Update- DC Small Group CONNECT Event

So many amazing things have been happening that I haven't had time to even process them personally. Much less process them publicly on the blog. Here are some highlights of the last week: DC Small Group CONNECT Event, NCC lead team brainstorm, zone leader/team leader retreat, God on Broadway dress rehearsal, annual staff planning retreat... Let me start with last Thursday at the DC Small Group CONNECT Event.

DC Small Group CONNECT Event
Despite the terrible weather, we had a great gathering of DC-area small group pastors and ministry directors. Thirty-five in all. We shared the best thing about our groups, the most challenging part of groups for us now, and best practices in various areas of group life ministry. The most important time of the gathering, though, was the community created and the prayer that happened amongst the leaders present.

I'm concerned that small group pastors are often the loneliest people in the world. It seems they are so busy creating community for everyone else that they look around at the end of the day to discover they didn't create the time or space to experience community for themselves.

It was a win. And I think we will continue to sponsor gatherings like this. Not conferences. But conversations.

If you were unable to attend but would like to be kept on a list for future events, please email Will Johnston.


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