Monday, December 29, 2008

Blogs I Read: Steve's Stuff

I first heard about Steve Corn many many moons ago from family friend and mentor, Mike Mathews. At that time, Steve was serving as his youth pastor, and Mike was impressed with his creativity and desire to help others grow in Christ. Several years later, Steve married Mike's daughter and my childhood friend, Miranda. Even though I've only had the opportunity to talk to Steve face to face a couple of times, I feel like we are family. Plus, we are both Stryper fans. That's awesome.

Steve is a husband, a dad, a songwriter, a worship leader, a youth pastor, a disciple-maker, an innovator, and a passionate Christ-follower, and all of those dimensions of his life show up on his blog, Steve's Stuff. Reading Steve's blog reminds me of reading Mark Batterson's blog about five years ago-- you know the guy has a book inside of him just waiting to spring out and you are getting the opportunity to read the rough drafts in blog form. Some of my favorite recent posts include Consistently Emmanuel, Fresh Perspective and Barbaric Yawps, and Noticing.

Steve is also a contributor to Small Group Exchange. Check out his articles here.

I read Steve's blog, and you should, too.


At 11:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!! Thanks Heather. Such an incredible compliment coming from a writer/leader like you. Makes me feel like I should start writing better.

Anyway, it's truly an honor for you to say such things. Thanks!


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