Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Evil Empire of Twitter

At one point, I was faithful in blogging every single day. Now, I have a new addiction. Twitter. It's just so easy. 140 characters. Done.

But it's a pathetic excuse for journaling.

So, in 140 characters or less, here's my last week...

Awesome Thanksgiving with family and friends. Caught the Opry, enjoyed a breakfast sandwich and Pink Poodle at Fido (YUM), ate some catfish and fried dill pickles, devoured a pulled pork spud at Corky's, played tour guide, bagged some Christie Cookies, laughed and told stories, watched my two teams get demolished, played with Baby Ruthie...

I'm already over 140 characters, so I'll just keep going.

Had a great time hanging out with zone leaders last night and the women of the Georgetown Women's Bible Study this morning.

Tonight, I'm heading over to G-town University to hang out with one of their women's Bible study groups. They've asked me to address the topic of women in ministry leadership. Whew.

Alright, enough with the narcissistic 140-character updates and back to life...


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