Monday, June 01, 2009

On Behalf of All Pastors, Thank You

Still reading in Leviticus 1 this morning, and once again, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. On behalf of all spiritual leaders, pastors, and priests, thank you Jesus for serving as our great high priest. I'm so thankful that my day does not consist of burning bulls, sprinkling blood, washing the internal organs of animals, twisting off the heads of birds, and tearing birds apart "though not completely."

One more reflection- spiritual leadership in the tabernacle was not for wimps. It was messy, raw, and required physical strength and stamina. While we no longer have to lift bulls up on the altar or tear birds from wing to wing, the fortitude required for spiritual leadership remains. And it's just as messy as ever. I need to stop whining at the end of hard days.


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