Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Salt to Taste

Working my way through Leviticus. Leviticus 2:13--
Season all your grain offerings with salt, to remind you of God's covenant. Never forget to add salt to your grain offerings.

The grain offering did not involve sacrifice and blood-- only the produce of their hands. Salt was a symbol of hospitality and friendship. It's a sacrifice not for atonement, but a sacrifice of gratefulness. And it sets a precedent for the bloodless sacrifice that we are asked to make of ourselves in Romans 12.

Season with salt. A little bit of salt can go a long way. I think I am often willing to sacrifice, but there is a big difference between a bland and obligatory sacrifice and a sacrifice that is seasoned with salt. How can I change the flavor of my neighborhood? How can I affect the flavor of culture? How can I make someone's day? How can I make God's day? I want to offer salty sacrifices.


At 7:26 PM, Anonymous chrisshimanek said...

Heather, I am reading through Leviticus right now also. I also found myself settling on that verse. I see salt as God's activity in our lives. Salt penetrates as God penetrates in all aspects of our own life. Salt preserves as God protects and preserves us from satan's attacks. Finally, Salt heals as God heals us through forgiveness of our sins and our shortcomings. Thanks so much for your fresh perspective!


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