Thursday, September 10, 2009

Protege Day!

Today, September 10, 2009, is officially Protege Day at National Community Church! We started out Protege program last year. Modeled loosely after the program at Mosaic Church in LA, Proteges spend a year at NCC in a full-immersion discipleship and ministry leadership experience. Each Protege is assigned to a department (kids, media, church planting, discipleship, etc) where they invest the majority of their time and energy. But they also get a good comprehensive picture of life and ministry at NCC. We seek to pour as much NCC DNA, discipleship, and leadership training into them as possible with the desire that they can go out and expand the Kingdom in their own unique callings and gifts.

We've got an incredible team this year! NCCers-- please welcome them. Introduce yourself, ask to hear their stories, encourage them. If you are not an NCCer, pray for them anyway!! They are here for a year to invest and grow-- for no pay. :) And they have to hang around that Batterson character.


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