Saturday, March 20, 2010

Growing the Team

Just thought I'd share a little window into the daily workings of Team D (Discipleship) at NCC. I think growing the team is one of the most important responsibilities I have. Growing the team in terms of depth...not numerical strength.

I'm young at this leadership thing, but right now, I'm motivated by the following convictions:

1. Our most important job is to become leaders worth following. Thus, our primary responsibility is to lead ourselves well.
2. Spiritual growth is something we must pursue intentionally and strategically; we don't drift into it.
3. God is more concerned about the state of my heart and the growth of my character than in the state of my skills and the growth of my ministry.
4. Change of Pace + Change of Place = Change of Perspective (I've stolen this one from Mark Batterson)

Once a month, I try to get our team away from the office for a working retreat. Sometimes, we go all day. Sometimes, we go for a couple of hours. It's not perfect, and there are a lot of months we miss. But I'm making it a goal to be much more intentional about it. Here's just a sneak peak at what we did at our March offsite last week:
  • Spent the first hour in prayer and study. I told our team to read the book of Titus and let the Holy Spirit encourage them and convict them through the book.
  • Spent the next hour at lunch. Discussed Titus. I asked each team member to consider the responsibilities and expectations listed for leaders in Titus and to share the one they were currently struggling with the most. We heard an update from John Hasler on his trip to Berlin.
  • Hour 3- I asked each team member, "Looking forward to the next two months...if you do nothing else, what three things must you do?" We pulled out the calendar and set goals and deadlines for upcoming events and projects. We brainstormed next steps for Garden to City resources.
For whatever its worth, my answer to the Titus question was "quick-tempered." I've been struggling with that, and the Team D guys had some great questions to help me think through the pressures and stresses in my life that might be contributing and how I can pursue growth in and through that. I'm so appreciative for a team where the leader can confess their sin and struggles and receive prayer, encouragement, and support.


At 12:04 PM, OpenID Hemmed In said...

Hi Heather, Can you please let me know who your team is made up of? Are they NCC staff members or people who do the discipling? If you prefer to email me Thanks.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger Heather Z said...

Sure. I generally use the word "Team D" to refer to those folks who are serving with me in a full-time capacity to support and care for our small group leaders. Right now, that includes John Hasler, my right hand man (who will be leaving for Berlin soon), and Chris Howell, our Discipleship Protege. We are also in the process of adding Maegan Stout, our executive assistant, and a brand new member who I will announce soon, who will take over John's role when he leaves for Berlin.

That was a lot of commas. :)

For the broader "Team D" at NCC-- which would include our volunteer leaders-- we have regular summits, small groups, trainings, and retreats specifically for them.

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Leo Marvin said...

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At 11:26 AM, Blogger Leo Marvin said...

It truly is fantastic for Christian leaders to feel that they can be completely authentic with their teams, confess their struggles, and receive support. Every time I hear of Christian leaders who fall into some kind of open sin and is publicly mocked for it, I ask myself how differently things might have turned out if those leaders led a team of people with whom theycould be authentic with: people with whom they could openly share their struggles, frustrations, disappointments and receive encouragement and prayer instead of judgment and blame. We were ALL made to experience Christ-centered community and authentic relationships, and leaders are not some form of spiritual mutants that are exempt from this general rule!


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