Monday, March 01, 2010

Job 34-36

As you probably know, we are reading through the Bible together at NCC. Each day, a member of our team provides blog commentary on the passage for the day. Today, I tackled Job 34-36. Sometimes, I just don't know what to do with certain parts of Scripture.

Does anyone know what to do with this Elihu kid? For five uninterrupted chapters, he spouts his opinion...some of which seems good while the rest seems no better than contributions of the three “friends.” We learned a couple days ago that Elihu had not yet spoken in deference to the older men. But once he realized they had no solution or satisfactory conclusion for the problem of Job, he entered his voice into the debate.

On one hand, Elihu displays the idealistic and passionate, though sometimes ignorant and arrogant, voice of youth-- throwing rebukes left and right (while many of his statements seem to echo what the three friends have already said), chastising Job (even though he knows nothing more about the situation than the other friends), and claiming to speak on behalf of God himself (even though-- SPOILER ALERT-- God seems to ignore Elihu in the next chapter when He finally begins to talk).



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