Wednesday, April 04, 2007

FAQ: How do you connect newcomers with your groups?

Most of our groups remain "open" throughout the course of the semester so that newcomers can jump in at any time. There are 2 primary ways we get new NCCers connected to groups.

The first is the Discipleship Atlas. We distribute this magazine to everyone at weekend services during the 2 weeks leading up to a new semester. The Atlas lists all of the discipleship and small group opportunities for the upcoming semester, and it includes information on where to "start" in identifying and plugging into a group.

The second way we help connect new NCCers is the Connection Cafe. We host Connection Cafes for all of our locations on the kickoff Sunday of each semester. We serve a meal and have small group leaders on hand to talk to people. Each participant has the opportunity to register for a group at Connection Cafe.

A more indirect way we help people plug in is by offering shorter term groups, workshops, and seminars that serve as mid-steps between weekend services and small groups. Examples include our May Term groups, Week of Justice, and Marriage Matters.


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