Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Surveying and Imagining

I'm doing two projects today- analyzing our 2007 small group leader surveys and imagining our 2008 leadership retreat.

Every year, we survey our entire congregation; Mark Batterson blogged about that here. And every year, we do a separate survey of our small group leaders to determine how long they've been leading, how often they visit zonegathering, how many service projects their group has done, what core discipleship groups they've completed, what leadership topics they would like to know about, what spiritual disciplines they practice, etc. Sometimes it's encouraging. Sometimes it's frightening. It's always enlightening. And it helps us plan our summits and zonegathering topics for the upcoming year.

This surveying work feeds into leadership retreat planning. Today I'm thinking through music, emcee, video, creative, and content. We sent out our first invitation email today, and we've got about 50 people registered so far. I'm so thankful for the amazing team we have on staff and the volunteer zone leaders who help us create this thing. I'm so excited about it!


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