Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I forget what an amazing city I live in! For several years, I would walk to work and just marvel as I passed the monuments and the buildings, and I would feel so grateful that I had the privilege of living and working in Washington, DC. Now, I'm afraid I take it for granted far too often.

This weekend, however, Ryan and I went into full tourist mode. Our friend John graduated from law school, so his family (most of whom do not speak English- John's family is from China) was in town.

First, we got our own private tour of the West Wing of the White House. Thanks Robert!

The first time I walked through the doorway to the West Wing Reception Room, there was a Marine ceremonially guarding the entrance, and I was a legislative assistant to a Senator meeting with the President on steel trade issues. I was so excited I called my mom, dad, and sister to let them know where I was.

The last time I was in the West Wing I was still working on the Hill. And I didn't have a dumb visitor badge hanging around my neck. ~sigh~ I guess I must miss it a little bit.

Then, we got our own private tour of the Capitol Building. The best part was listening to a Senator from Alabama narrating the history, architecture, and art of the U.S. Capitol to a bunch of non-English speaking Asian Americans. It was awesome.

My favorite time to walk through the halls is late at night when no one else is around. There are wonderful ghost stories about the statues in the Old House Chamber coming to life and an old black cat which has presumable haunted the building for decades.

If you're ever in DC, make sure to arrange your Capitol tour through your senator's office or congressman's office. It will be a much better experience than being hoarded through with 50 other people at the same time.


At 4:40 PM, Blogger Laura said...

wow... i would love those connections. I also marvel when i walk around in D.C., but I'm always a tourist- I don't work or live there... I wish I did.

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Patty said...

DC is amazing!! My husband and I have only been there 2 short visits, and LOVE the history. We're on the other side of the States in Oregon and feel so "new" when we go over there. It's beautiful! And we're always dreaming of our "next" visit now. ;-)


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