Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fireside Chat: Tuesday Night Session

Robert Schuller and John Perkins had to leave after the morning session, so we lost their voices for the Tuesday evening session.

Before launching into the questions, here are some favorite ideas:
  • Churches will move as far and as fast as the church leadership lives.
  • Dare to become what you envision.
  • Model discipleship before you teach it.

Some of the questions addressed included the following:

What Biblically-tested ancient paths need to be rebuilt today?
  • Hayford- Prayer
  • Pratney- Rootlessness- the lack of a sense of history in today's church

What current issue in the church concerns you most?
  • Ogilvie- The local parish. Helping pastors have some kind of equipping for the renewal of the church. There are 4 questions that need to be asked- 1) what kind of people do we want to put people into the world? 2) what kind of church makes possible that kind of laity? 3) what kind of church officers live in miniature what the church should be? 4) What kind of pastor is necessary to equip that kind of laity? The mission of the church is 4-fold- worshiping, healing, equipping, and deployment for mission- all four of these should be present in the local church.
  • Hayford- You cannot recreate the church. You can find awakening and advancing, but where you land must be in a place where you are not abandoning the ancient paths.

In Toronto, Pensacola, Lakeland, we have seen potential revivals. There are people who criticize them and people who embrace them. What would say about how you tend a movement of God and come to an understanding of what is the Lord and what is not?
  • Pratney- When a new work starts, it's difficult to see clearly if it's God, work of man, or the demonic. Usually it's a mix. It's good to not judge a new work until the rain has fallen for a while. We must stay within the guardrails of Scripture. Otherwise, the focus can move from Jesus to idolatry of revival.
  • Cunningham- In leadership, you need to have the ways of God before the acts of God.
  • Hayford- Don't kick it, just wait and see if it lasts. If a revival gets polluted, it doesn't mean there weren't realities of heaven in it.
  • Ogilvie- Instead of reproducing what is happening at another place under another leader, every pastor needs to focus on where God has placed them uniquely and the move of God that needs to happen there.

How do we restore discipleship in the church?
  • Ogilvie- The church must become the seminary for the laity.
  • Hayford- Information must bring to incarnation and transformation. We must disciple pastors to disciple.
  • Cunningham- disciple people to reach both geographical and categorical neighbors. Encourage a viral, spiritual multiplication of everyone becoming a discipler.
  • Pratney- We must give people a vision of Christ.

Discipleship definition by Hayford: teaching (information), instruction (application of information), and training (activation of information).

What fruit of the spirit have you found flowing through your life that has most affected your children for the Kingdom? (** none of these men actually came out and answered. All of them qualified it by saying it is what they strive for or what they hope to become)
  • Ogilvie- Faithfulness
  • Hayford- Goodness
  • Cunningham- Love
  • Pratney- Meekness/gentleness


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