Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fireside Chat: Audience Reflections

We kicked off this morning sharing "what we are hearing" from the audience perspective. I posted my reflections last night; here are some of the things the larger group shared:
  • Their prayer lives are not so much about scheduled time every day, but a lifetime of walking with him. It's not about a prayer pattern or schedule, it's about a relationship.
  • The importance of families and spouses in their lives.
  • We are hearing their secrets of finishing well.
  • Part of their finishing well is that they have no intention of finishing.
  • They are hesitant in giving answers. They wanted us to get their process and not just a program.
  • They don't have it figured out. They are passionately pursuing Christ, depending on him for the next step, the next breath, the next answer.
  • They don't have pat answers. They are not coming from a place of knowing it all. They lean into and respond to one another. They aren't sharing dogma. They are always learning.
  • We listened to them talk for a couple of hours, and they never interrupted one another.
  • They have a compulsion to love and bless people.
  • Despite the fact that they are so successful, they have an outward focus towards others. They don't live in isolation.
  • There is always a new facet of God for us to see.
  • It's not about a strategy; it's about following the command of Jesus to love.


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