Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Stuff From Ogilvie

I'm a huge fan of Dr. Lloyd Ogilvie. He was the chaplain of the U. S. Senate when I worked there as a policy advisor. I was always impressed by his passion for Jesus and his love for people. I saw him give the same level of attention to the lowest staffer and to the highest ranking Senator.

Here are some nuggets from Dr. Ogilvie's solo session this morning:
  • Everyone who is in Christ is in ministry.
  • Paul knew who he was, whose he was, and where he was going.
  • We are called to be reproductive reproducers. If you can't point to someone who is going to live eternally because of you, then your life is impudent and impotent. And if you can't point to someone who has been led to Christ by someone you led to Christ, then you are in danger of self-aggrandizement. Do you have spiritual grandchildren?
  • If we get our goal clear, then the grace is given. We want all the resources of God's love for ourselves, but God's grace is given for his goal- of changing lives. If you are not involved in changing lives, then the grace will not flow to you.
  • Prayer begins with God. We often think of prayer as getting God's attention. But prayer happens because God has gotten our attention.
  • Where are your children in the Lord? Where are your grandchildren in the Lord?
  • God has a poor memory when it comes to our failures.
  • Picture the faces of those you want to follow Christ. Then imagine them filled with the spirit of God.
  • If you pull back from sharing with people about Christ, you have a bad case of "deilia" (** deilia is the Greek word for "fear.")
  • There is a tremendous difference between talents and the gifts of the Spirit.


At 8:19 AM, Anonymous kent chevalier said...

Heather...great meeting you at the Cove. Thanks for taking such great notes and posting them on your blog. Maybe we'll see each other again some time.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Heather Z said...

Thanks Kent! It was great to see you, too! Let us know if you are ever in the DC area.


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