Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NCC Protege Program

I'm super pumped to announce the NCC Protege Program! Like most good things we do around here, we stole it from someone else. In this case, Mosaic Church in LA. Those guys are raising up and unleashing young leaders left and right. Here's some information on our program:

The Protégé Program is a year-long intensive spiritual growth, leadership development, and ministry immersion experience at National Community Church. As an NCC Protégé, you will be given the opportunity to learn from some of the most innovative thinkers and creators in ministry, participate in the day to day activities of church staff culture, stretch yourself as a leader, and lay a firm foundation for a life-long pursuit of the passion and vision that God has placed on your life.

NCC Proteges will choose one ministry area— discipleship, media, missions/outreach, children/youth, worship or church planter in residence—in which they will specifically focus their ministry efforts during the year and for which they will receive special training.

NCC Proteges will gain experience in the following areas:
  • Attend Learning Labs- make new discoveries in leadership development, spiritual growth, and ministry methods from members of the NCC teaching team.
  • Develop a Spiritual Growth Plan
  • Develop a Leadership Development Plan
  • Serve on the Alpha Team
  • Lead small groups and ministries
  • Participate in an NCC missions experience
  • Serve at weekend worship gatherings, outreach projects and leadership development events
  • Build community with fellow members of your Protégé class through weekly study, prayer, and reflection groups
  • Be mentored by your ministry-focus department leader
  • Attend leadership development conferences with the NCC team
The Protégé Program is a training and proving ground for emerging church leaders. During your Protégé year, you will accumulate valuable experience, mentors, and knowledge that will prepare you for stepping into the next phase of your God-given calling.

If you would like more information on becoming an NCC Protégé, check out our FAQ or send an email to Heather Zempel (that's me).

We'll be getting some FAQs up in a few days that will address the all important questions of what it will cost (nothing, but you will need to work a second job or raise support to cover living expenses for the year), when does it start and stop (September 2008- July 2009), etc.

In the meantime, I'm looking for one good discipleship protege. Any takers?


At 11:46 AM, Blogger Erin Holahan said...

hey Heather! It's Erin. I sent you an email the other day about the protege program and I am having a blast filling out the application (I'm almost done). Anyway, I was looking on the NCC website and saw that you have a blog (I do I will definitely be reading your blog and hope to talk to you soon!

-Erin :)


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