Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Leadership Can Be Lonely

At the last Protege Huddle of the 2009-2010 class, I shared some final thoughts on leadership. One thing I warned them is that leadership can sometimes be lonely.

I try to always lead in teams. But sometimes, leadership can just be lonely. There are places that only you can go. Think about Jesus going into the garden to pray. Or Elijah hiding out in the cave. Or Moses going before Pharaoh. There are some seasons and situations where leadership is lonely.

That’s why you’ve got to make sure that your identity is rooted in something much deeper than your own abilities or other peoples’ opinions of you. Popular opinion is fleeting and it is flawed. Those who praise you too much and those who criticize you too much are both wrong. Don’t listen to either. Hunker down into the Scriptures and discover who God says you are and who he created you to be. Seek his approval, favor, and pleasure. And when the lonely seasons come, you'll be anchored well.


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