Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great Weekend

I love long holiday weekends. On Friday night, Ryan and I hung out with our friends Beeker and Ian, ate burgers, and made a late-night run to Artomatic.

On Saturday, our long lost friend Bill came into town. Bill's an NCC alum, so we helped him re-connect with the city, ate dinner in Old Town, and caught the new Indiana Jones film. Hmm...interesting. I'll leave it to your imagination to determine which was more interesting-- hanging out with Bill or watching the new Indy movie. :)

On Sunday, we ran the NCC marathon of Union Station services, celebrated our buddy Bob's birthday, and celebrated Memorial Day at the concert on the Capitol Lawn. I love this city. Later that night, we basked in the glow of the WWII Memorial and destroyed our digestive systems at IHOP.

On Monday, I practiced my Jedi skills. Yes, Ryan gave me another Star Wars- related birthday present (we have the habit of giving birthday presents months later). I'm having trouble mastering the Obi-wan Kenobi spinning defense move, so I'm stuck at Level 2. We'll make progress soon.

Now, I'm back in the office after being absent since last Wednesday. It's good to be back, but I'm really thankful for the relaxing weekend.


At 2:55 PM, Blogger regena sawyer said...

Without even being there, I know hanging out with Bill was more fun than seeing any movie. Hey, Bill, if you are reading this, I miss you.

At 4:09 AM, Blogger ladystoltz said...

hey heather it's nikki next time you come to oregon need to bring that with you so i give it a go learned enough from useing bokin that mabie i might be good enough with a light saber lol,
tell my brother ryan hi sto p by and read some blogs as well,
im add you to myspace as well.

send me a email when you can.


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