Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two Days of Compelling Ideas

Our entire team escaped from the office for two whole days at the end of the week. On Thursday, we hung out at the Whiteboard Sessions- great job, Ben Arment! Ben has been an adopted NCCer for many years, and we are sad to see him leave the area (he's joining the Catalyst team). Perry Noble and Darrin Patrick impact me the most at WiBo. And I loved hearing from Tim Stevens and Mark Dever on the same day at the same event.

Yesterday, our team headed to the National Cathedral for our annual daydream day. Okay, so it's not necessarily annual-- I'm just speaking prophetically-- hopefully. It's so easy to get caught up in the urgency of ministry that I begin to do the work of the Kingdom out of memory instead of imagination. Instead of getting a fresh word and direction of God, I just repeat what I did last time hoping that he will being the same anointing and results. But it seems to me Jesus never did anything the same way twice. Instead, he was constantly pulling away-- up the mountain, into the wilderness, onto the other side of the lake-- to seek his father in prayer.

We make fun of Mark for all his sound bytes, but this one resonates with me so much:

Change of Pace + Change of Place = Change of Perspective

It's so true. So we closed down the office for a day to seek God. I'm excited about some of the stuff stirring within us and can't wait to see how God brings shape to it.


At 9:54 AM, Blogger beth said...

Hi Heather...saw your post on Jan's blog and wandered over here to visit. I was at WiBo, too, and wondered if you felt anything simliar to what Jan described (and what I experienced - LIke you, I was strongly impacted by Darrin Patrick and Perry Noble - my two faves - but still found the environment different than what I expected. I'm sorting through it and processing my expectations, but I wondered how you felt...

At 5:58 PM, Blogger beth said...

Hi again Heather...couldn't track down an email for you but wanted to say 'thanks' for your comment. Actually, I think you and I had the same experience, more or less - I loved WiBo, except that I felt OLD and incredibly UNHIP. And I find it fascinating that you are preaching regularly at church - that is so cool! AND, like you, I'm not sure there's a female communicator that I'd prefer more than any of those guys, except the two you mention.

Do you think that the teachers' intention is for us to translate 'men' into 'all of you who preach'? Or is that just our perogative? Either way, God speaks...

Are you going to the arts conference? I'm doing some of the point leader sessions with Nancy Beach and really looking forward to some in-depth teaching from her. I'd love to talk with you more!

My email is bethbrawley at gmail dot com...


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