Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Christmas List

In no particular order, thirty Christmas experiences that I believe every person should have at least once.
  1. See The Messiah live.
  2. Participate in a live nativity.
  3. Get your picture taken with Santa Claus as an adult.
  4. Read the Christmas story as a family.
  5. Go to a multi-hundred-voice, over-produced spectacular Christmas production at your local Baptist mega-church.
  6. Participate in a multi-hundred-voice, over-produced spectacular Christmas production at your local Baptist mega-church.
  7. Attend a carols by candlelight service.
  8. Make a pilgrimage to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.
  9. Leave out cookies for Santa Claus.
  10. Eat the cookies left for Santa Claus.
  11. Go Christmas caroling in your neighborhood or at the nursing home.
  12. Wear a really ugly Christmas sweater.
  13. Listen to someone yodel through Silent Night (I witnessed this at a Lutheran church in Oregon last Christmas...I am not kidding you! I saw "yodeler" listed in the program and started laughing. I was not disappointed).
  14. See Polar Express in IMAX 3D.
  15. Watch A Christmas Story 5 times back-to-back on TBS.
  16. String popcorn, cheerios, fruit loops, etc. Eat more than you string.
  17. Make a gingerbread house.
  18. Pack a shoebox for Samaritans Purse Christmas child.
  19. Send a letter to Santa.
  20. Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas (this one should happen every Christmas)
  21. Cut down your own tree after at least 2 hours of deliberation. Preferably a Charlie Brown tree.
  22. Give a gift to your post officer and trash collector.
  23. Go shopping on Christmas Eve.
  24. Finish your Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.
  25. Give the gift of time to someone who really needs it.
  26. Kiss someone under the mistletoe.
  27. Fry the turkey.
  28. Play football with your family after eating the fried turkey.
  29. Decorate your house with something really outrageous and embarrassing.
  30. Read a bunch of children's Christmas books with friends.
What did I miss? What do you recommend?


At 5:28 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

I just saw Charlie Brown last night! I would recommend going to see The Nutcracker!

At 11:46 PM, Blogger regena sawyer said...

I would recommend Keyboards at Christmas. How about it, Shannon!?

At 11:50 PM, Blogger regena sawyer said...

Heather, regarding # 29, what suggestions can you make. Dad and I will do our best to fulfill your wishes!!!

At 12:01 AM, Blogger Laura Mc said...

mom - it may not be outrageous, but all those pictures of Heather and me with santa through the years you display front and center every year are pretty embarrassing!! :o)

At 12:41 AM, Blogger regena sawyer said...

Thanks for reminding me, Laura. I need to find those pictures of you and your sister with Santa. Ruthie will appreciate them one day! The only Christmas decoration I have out at this moment is my Christmas cactus, and it is blooming beautifully!

At 2:24 PM, Blogger paint_pants said...

where are the snow men? and i think personally, Christmas caroling specifically at a nursing home or to the homes of shut-ins was always a favorite of ours. Also- at very least in our good reformed church, there was an advent wreath making night as well as a wreath lighting service where the entire service was done by candle light. Way cool.

At 4:19 PM, Blogger Heather Z said...

Snow? What's that? I'm from Mobile, remember?!


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