Thursday, November 02, 2006

NCC Discipleship FAQ Update

I'm in the middle of a Frequently Asked Questions series here at Wineskins to share some of the responses I give to questions that I receive from other churches about how we do small groups and discipleship at NCC. The next set of topics will cover leadership structure and training.

Here are links to the topics I have covered so far:

Discipleship Philosophy

How do you do discipleship in rented facilities?

Why do you do small groups?

What is the "free market" small group system?

We want to start small groups in our church. How do we begin?

What if the church has a bad taste in its mouth because small groups were tried and failed in the past?

Are you a church "of" small groups or a church "with" small groups?

What is the difference between a "small group" and a "ministry?"

I've seen the "Be One, Make One, For One" slogan. What does it mean?

What is Seeker, Learner, Influencer, Investor?

Does "Seeker, Learner, Influencer, Investor" represent a linear growth process?

Semester System

Why do operate on a semester system?

What are the dates of your semesters?

Do Sunday morning ministries operate on the semester system?

What is May Term?

Discipleship Map

What is the Discipleship Map?

What's the deal with non-linear discipleship?

What are the components of the discipleship map?

Is the discipleship map implemented and followed by groups or individuals?

Can people take a non-linear path through the discipleship map?

Do you focus the entire church around one aspect of the discipleship map at a time?

What is Alpha?

What is Journey?

What is The Story?

What is Inward Bound?

What is Crown?

What is "Spiritual Experiments?"


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